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Was there a training program for hospital secretaries at Mount Sinai Health Systems?

The training may differ depending on the department you work and the secretary type. I worked in radiology. The first training I recieved was technical; how to use medical software (Eagle), and also billing. This training was completed off site. Next was field training on the job. It is a learn a...
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What do you think is important to have, skill-wise, in order to succeed at Mount Sinai Health Systems?

To succeed at Mount Sinai I would say it is important to develop relationships with everyone on your team. I worked at an HIV clinic within Sinai that consisted of nurses, doctors, social workers, and psychologists. Making sure that everyone is on the same page about the patient requires honest c...
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Is it possible to turn my internship into a full time offer at Mount Sinai Health Systems?

Turning your internship into a full-time offer is specific to each situation. I would say focus on your relationships with your supervisors and peers on your team and put your best foot forward with the work. Being present and doing a great job at your current position tends to naturally lead you...
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Were you tasked with projects and given full ownership over them as a Field Coordinator at Mount Sinai Health Systems?

During my time as a Field Coordinator, I was expected to be very independent. I was assigned a group of young adults to manage, which included planning daily activities and organizing a final symposium where they would present their summer research. For the final symposium the Field Coordinators ...
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Did you enjoy working at Mount Sinai Health Systems?

The work environment was inclusive and welcoming. Since my position was working with young adults and other college students I always felt like I was part of a team working towards a common goal.
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If any non-clinical interns worked at Mount SInai Health Systems, what were the pros and cons of your role??

I loved that both projects were community-based projects in East Harlem. I was given meaningful tasks to help improve a nutrition workshop, recruit study participants in the neighborhood, and cater to a community action board. The staff was helpful and happy to have an intern to help with smaller...
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What goes on in a regular day in the life of a research intern at Mount Sinai Health Systems?

As a research intern in the Department of Pathology, I worked on developing a script that aided in analyzing the cancer cell samples in the lab. I had the opportunity to learn about components of the project other members of the lab were working on, but I primarily worked independently. Nonethele...
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